The Good Practices Platform for Sustainable Development is a virtual environment for dissemination and sharing of replicable good practices initiative set in the areas of environment; agriculture; food and nutrition security; renewable energy and; socio-productive inclusion, developed in Brazil's southern region, providing dialogue and exchange of experiences, to contribute to the promotion of sustainable development and with South-South Cooperation Strategy, meeting the purposes of the International Brazil-FAO Cooperation Program.

It consists of all the signing entities of the Letter of Principles and shall remain in force indefinitely.


Good Practice 

It is understood that good practice is one or more technique(s) identified and experienced as efficient and effective in its deployment context, to perform a given task, activity or procedure or even in a wider perspective, to perform a set of these, aiming to reach a common purpose. 


The Good Practices for Sustainable Development Platform aims to:

  • Promote the knowledge exchange, stimulating the activities of South-South cooperation;
  • Disseminate sustainable good practices developed in Brazil's southern region; 
  • Stimulate development of technical skills in individuals and institutions, from the appropriation of the accumulated knowledge on successful experiences; 
  • Stimulate improvement of participating initiatives through the exchange of experiences.