Resuming the concept, it is understood that good practice is one or more technique(s) identified and experienced as efficient and effective in its deployment context, to perform a given task, activity or procedure or even in a wider perspective, to perform a set of these, aiming to reach a common purpose.


The publication of a good practice in the Platform can happen at any time, if approved by the Good Practices Evaluation Committee and validated by the Platform's Strategy Committee.

It is important to remember that the practices should be implemented in Brazil's Southern region (project scope area), identified and reported to the platform through an entity - whether public, private or non-governmental.

Good practice should be submitted by completing Good Practice Identification Form.

We hereby inform that:

  • attachments relating to entries received will not be returned;
  • whan enrolling the entities heed the terms of the Platform's bylaws and recognize the sovereignty of the Good Practices Evaluation Committee and Strategy Committee, whose deliberations will have final and unappealable character;
  • there is no limit to the number of practices presented by entity;
  • the practice publication will only be effective upon:

a. Electronic acceptance of Good Practice Submission Term - when implemented in the virtual environment;

b. delivery of original copies of the Authorization Terms of Image Use and Information Disclosure, both Individuals and Legal Persons;


Copyright and intellectual rights will be preserved and the credits will be contained from any parts of the disclosure;


When sending the Good Practice Identification Form the participating entities:


I - they are appointed as copyright holders, assuming full responsibility for any issues arising;

II - they authorize the Good Practice Platform for Sustainable Development to use data or information of a technical nature regarding the practice in disclosure and the achievement of its objectives;

III - they provide to Platform the right to register the practice in its information bank, disseminating it and fostering its reapplication, without commercial purposes;

IV - they accept that any platform joint to spread the practice will not need its prior permission, nor will entitle to any compensation or gratuity.

  • We inform that this platform is not responsible for any wrong information, whether technical or concerning the authoring of images and / or ideas / designs, since all disclosed information regarding practices are the responsibility of the proponents of it.


About the Good Practice Evaluation Committee


The Good Practice Evaluation Committee is the instance responsible for the technical evaluation of the practice presented, and may contact the proponent entity to resolve any questions or suggest improvements in filing out the Good Practice Identification Form or yet attachments  sent.

I - the members of the Good Practice Evaluation Committee will be indicated by the Strategic Committee;

II - coordination and secretariat of the Good Practice Evaluation Committee it's up to the Platform's Executive Secretariat representative;

III - the meeting schedule of Good Practice Evaluation Committee will be proposed by the Strategic Committee;

IV - to Platform's Executive Secretariat fits to conduct a synthesis of practical case to be evaluated and send it to the Evaluation Committee's members;

V - The members of the Evaluation Committee will be identified, preferably between teachers and researchers from academic and research institutions; Councils members and; Ministries.

VI - each practice will be subject to three (3) evaluators, among a bank of evaluators, maintained and updated by the Platform's Executive Secretariat.

VII - As a working methodology of the Good Practice Evaluation Committee, will be assessed minimum sets of five (05) practices. If there is a record of an isolated practice, it will be necessary to wait for new registrations until a minimum of five (05). Preferably, the members of the Good Practice Evaluation Committee will meet for final evaluation of practices, either in person or at distance.


Practices presented shall be evaluated taking into account the following criteria:

 I – Systematization Level of Information;

II – Quantitative results;

III – Impact Level;

IV – Potential for transfer;

V – Efficiency, efficacy, effectiveness and successfulness;

VI – Understanding level;

VII – Sustainability;


Complete information on the evaluation process for good practices are in the Platform's Bylaws and any doubts will be settled based on said Laws.