To participate you must be an incorporated entity - legal person - that present practices that may be published (inserted) as "Good Practices", after prior review. 

Once authorized the practice publication, the entity will be invited to be a signatory to the Letter of Principles from the Good Practices Platform for Sustainable Development, making it an Entity Partner with the following responsibilities:

a) to have their logo on the virtual environment Partner Entities' page, publicized and accessible worldwide;

b) to have practice(s) incorporating the list of good practices from Good Practices Platform for Sustainable Development and consequently becoming publicized and accessible worldwide;

c) to have the opportunity to have their practice replicated in other regions and / or nations;

d) to have the opportunity to receive missions from other regions and / or nations, in particular to present certain practice(s);

e) to have the author and intellectual rights preserved, knowing that credits will be listed in any disclosure parts from Good Practices Platform for Sustainable Development


The entity will need to authorize the use of image and dissemination of information about its institution and practices indicated by means of the Authorization Term for Use of Image and Information Disclosure - Legal Person and still obtain the practice performers appropriate authorization for use of images and information disclosure, embodied in the document. 

The Partner Entities may withdraw from the Good Practice Platform for Sustainable Development along with the practices presented, or even guide the withdrawal of one or more practices among those submitted, by written communication to the Strategic Committee by its legal representative.