In an innovative management strategy, FAO, in collaboration with the State Government of Parana and Itaipu Binacional, set up the FAO's Projects Unit for Brazil's Southern Region, with head office in Curitiba and decentralized unit in Foz do Iguaçu, in the Itaipu Technological Park.

From this joint effort was developed the Good Practice Platform for Sustainable Development, whose main objective is to disseminate good practices on sustainable development held in Brazil's southern region, with the main focus in entities, public officials and farmers in Latin America and Africa.

In order that people, organizations and governments can have access to clear information, that allow to understand the practice and see if you can be developed in context, it's necessary that there is a good practice presentation script, that report what are the main characteristics and results achieved, hence the Good Practice Identification Form.

This document aims to be a work facilitating tool of entities wishing to submit practice(s), for greater effectiveness in the description(s) of it.


Knowing the Virtual Environment

We recommend that the entity knows the environment, navigate the various items and sub-menu items, before completing this Good Practice Form Identification and submit it for analysis.

Following we'll present the environment, its items and sub-items, so that the entity can better understand the purpose of this platform and thus better describe its practice.


Home Item

In the opening page of Good Practice Platform for Sustainable Development, Home item, are the general information on it, as well as news and information regarding the FAO's Projects Coordination Unit for Brazil's Southern Region.


Theme Area Item

Allows access to each of the theme areas, namely: agriculture; renewable energy; socio-productive inclusion; environment and; food and nutrition security. The proponent entity can obtain more information on each of the theme areas as of reading of explanatory text, allowing depth from the suggestions of references for research. Then are presented the practices for the area. 

Careful reading of each theme area will aid the entity to define what is the main theme of its practice, in case of doubt.


Programs Item 

This section presents the systemic practices, broad character, classified as programs, given that its amplitude must be presented in order that becomes understandable that the various practices that integrate them and are inserted into the Good Practice Platform for Sustainable Development work in a isolated fashion, but will be greatly enhanced if understood and worked in context.


Participant Item

In this section are presented entities that comprise the Good Practice Platform for Sustainable Development, being possible to establish a direct connection to their websites. 

There are 02 categories of participants: “Maintaining entities” and “Partner Institutions”. 


Know More Item 

In this item are contained the key information about the adopted concepts, the management model, the practice participation and evaluation processes, so its careful reading by the entity proposing to submit a practice with a view to its inclusion in the Good Practice Platform for Sustainable Development, is essential.

Sub item "Concepts and Purposes" presents the good practice concepts and the platform itself as well as its objectives.

In sub item “Governance” is presented how the Platform management happens, , its instances and responsibilities. 

In the sub item “How to Participate” there are basic information necessary to the entity's decision-making to present practice(s) with a view to their inclusion in the Platform.

In sub item “Good Practice Evaluation” is presented the most relevant information in the evaluation process aiming at the insertion in Platform as a good practice. The description of Evaluation Criteria set out in full in sub item Attachments (below).

In sub item “Attachments” are in full the incorporation and management documents of platform, its "Letter of Principles" and "Bylaws" and the full Authorization Terms of Image Use and Information Disclosure, Good Practice Evaluation Criteria, (as explained above) and the Contact Flow. 

In sub item “Links” there are accesses to several websites where the user can obtain more detailed information on the subjects worked on the Platform.


Form Item


In this item there is the form itself, to be completed by the proposing entities. 


Contact Us Item

The completion of the information in this Item establish contact with the Good Practice Platofrm for Sustainable Development. All contacts made either through this item, whether through the other options available online, will be directed to FAO's Projects Coordination Unit for Brazil's Southern Region, platform's mediator and manager. 

Whereas one of the Contact Us' objectives is to provide the scheduling of visits, in case of interest in a visit to a particular practice, as we advance the contacts between FAO's Unit for Southern Region and the entity interested in visiting, the proposing entity of practice will integrate the negotiations, being responsible for scheduling and coordinating the execution of eventual visit, as explained in Contact Flow (Know More item, Attachments sub-item).