A Program means a set of actions developed by institutions (public or private) or through inter joints. Has broad and systemic nature, involving one or more subject areas and geographic scope can be local, regional, state or even national. A program contains one or more projects, which, for a better understanding and achieving results. should be considered as a whole, in a holistic manner.


The "Cultivating Good Water" is a set of social-environmental programmes of Itaipu together with over 2,200 partners, executed in the 29 cities that compose the Paraná Basin - Part 3 (BP3), in western region of Paraná. In each city, there is a steering committee with strong popular participation.


Among the main programme actions, there are the recovery of microbasins and environmental education in communities surrounding the Itaipu reservoir, as well as initiatives to support organic and family farming, aquaculture (fish farming), indigenous communities, collectors’ cooperatives of recyclable materials, cultivation of medicinal plants, among others.

After over a decade of its implementation, the programme is already at an advanced stage in approximately 30% of the territory of BP3, resulting in 206 microbasins worked.